The operation of Most Holy Redeemer Catholic School (MHR) is primarily tuition driven; therefore, parental commitments to tuition and fee obligations are critical to the school’s continued operation and vitality. Tuition and fees at MHR are examined and determined annually by school administration, the School Advisory Board and the Office of Catholic Schools. As it is the responsibility of the Principal and Pastor to ensure that adequate financial resources are available for the school, tuition is evaluated each year based upon the funding needed to operate the school. Affordability for families is also a significant consideration.

For this school year, tuition and fee revenues cover approximately eighty percent of the school’s budgeted operating income. Thus, the additional revenue needed to fund the remaining twenty percent must come through a parish subsidy, fundraising, and donations.

The following policies are in effect for tuition and fees:

Tuition & Fees Payments

There are many basic payment options to make tuition & fee payments. Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, all tuition and most fee payments are received and processed through FACTS; a tuition management service. FACTS is the contracted provider MHR now uses for administering its tuition and fee programs. Each Most Holy Redeemer family will need to create their own profile on the FACTS platform and manage their tuition payments digitally throughout their selected payment period.

Examples of payment plans are as follows:

    • Families can select a 10 or 12-month Payment Plan: the 12-month plan begins in July and the 10-month begins in August (tuition is due on the 15th of the month)
    • A Semi-monthly Plan, a Semester Plan (two payments) & Full Payment Plan are also available options

Late Payments

All families are responsible for satisfying their tuition obligation to MHR on a timely basis. All payments are due on the date as indicated on your FACTS enrollment agreement. If payments are not received within five days of the date due, a late fee of $25.00 will be automatically applied by FACTS.

It is the family’s responsibility to notify the principal if special circumstances arise thus making it difficult to meet their tuition and fee obligations. Special arrangements and/or adjustments to the family’s original payment agreement may sometimes be required. If you need to change your due date at any time, please contact the school office and we can help you so that you do not incur a late fee from FACTS. Families seeking alternative financial arrangements should send their request, in writing, to the school office. These arrangements must be agreed upon by the principal prior to implementation.

Returned Payments

A $30 returned payment fee will be applied by FACTS the first time a payment fails to clear. MHR does not control and cannot waive this fee.

Tuition Delinquency

These policies will be strictly enforced unless families have made acceptable alternative payment arrangements. These arrangements will have met the approval of the Principal or Pastor. Families granted special arrangements must demonstrate a commitment to and regularly meet the terms agreed upon.

  • Accounts that are overdue will be assessed a $25.00 per-month late fee
  • PowerSchool access will be revoked and Report Cards will be withheld for families that are two months delinquent
  • For accounts that are the equivalent of two payments behind schedule where parents/guardians have failed to make any attempt to respond to communications from the Principal:
    • Children will not be allowed to attend class and parents will be called to pick up students. Students will not be reinstated until the entire balance is paid.
    • Because education is compulsory, students who are prohibited from attending school due to delinquent accounts will no longer be enrolled at Most Holy Redeemer School if their absences exceed five school days.
    • Children will not be allowed to participate in any school-sponsored or extra curricular activities that take place outside of school hours.
  • Eighth-grade students will not participate in any/all graduation activities unless all tuition is current and the Graduation Fee has been paid in full.
  • Any family that had been assessed two late charges during the school year may be required to pay an initial tuition payment equal to two monthly tuition payments for the following school year at the time of registration for the following school year.