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Tuition Reduction & Fundraisers

Great Lakes – Tuition Reimbursement Program

As part of its mandatory fundraising obligation, each family is required to earn $100 in credits through the Great Lakes program. Once the family has realized its obligation, continued use of the Great Lakes program will accumulate in tuition credit.

Great Lakes is available to order online!
•  Order from home anytime
•  Have access to participating vendors
•  Add to your order all week
•  Place your order by Monday at 11:00 a.m.
•  Receive your order on Thursday
•  Click here to get started
•  Most Holy Redeemer’s Enrollment Code is: B1LC23322659
•  Information about online payment options can be found here.

If you have questions about enrolling in Great Lakes or about an order, please contact Jessica here.

A paper order form is available here.

Great Lakes Walk-In/Pick-up Purchase Schedule:
Thursday evenings:  7pm – 8pm
Saturday mornings:  9:30am – 10:30am

During the school year, families may opt to have certificates sent home with a child.

Target – Take Charge of Education Program

REDCard holders, enrolled in the Take Charge of Education Program, have helped raise money for our school, at no additional cost! Purchases made with both Target’s credit card and debit card benefit our school. For more information about the program and directions for enrollment, click here: Take Charge of Education.

Digital Wish Foundation

We participate in a collaborative program between Cartridges for Kids and Digital Wish. We collect items such as cellphones, ink-jet/laser cartridges, GPS devices, iPods, video games and consoles, DVD’s, digital cameras, PDA’s and laptops. The items are picked-up by Cartridges for Kids and our account with Digital Wish is credited for use toward the purchase of technology equipment. Visit the Digital Wish Website for further information.

Market Day

Market Day, the Original Fundraising Food Cooperative, is the nation’s largest food fundraising company. Our Parents Club works with the Market Day organization to raise funds for the many activities it provides for children and families throughout the year. For information about the program, directions for enrollment and a current order form, click here: Market Day.

Great American Fundraising

Order magazines on-line at Great American Fundraising (formerly QSP). Our School Code is: 2499366. We split the profit with you in the form of a tuition credit.