Schoolwide Service

At Most Holy Redeemer School, we regularly engage in service for our community and the common good. These service opportunities take many forms and involve our littlest learners all the way up to our graduating 8th graders. Our students regularly participate in parish-wide service events, community service projects, and with their own families.

Examples of all school service projects at Most Holy Redeemer include:

  • Making holiday cards for the homebound
  • Writing letters to our newly baptized
  • Writing thank you cards to our parish ministry members
  • Making appreciation gifts for parish ministry members
  • Setting up for MHRts Night
  • Holiday Food and Clothing Drives
  • Paper recycling initiative
  • Food waste recycling in the lunchroom

Examples of service projects competed by 7th and 8th grade students at Most Holy Redeemer include:

  • Making sandwiches for Su Casa
  • The Harvest Sunday food drive
  • Making and serving lunches at the Ronald McDonald House
  • Volunteering at the Evergreen Park Libary
  • Blanket making for Pro Labore Dei
  • Volunteering at the MHR Carnival

7th Grade Service

7th graders are required to complete at least one parish related service project and one independent project.  They are required to write a reflection on their projects.

  1. Parish Service–students must do service for our parish. Serving as a carnival volunteer (in the summer prior to the academic year) and other projects done specifically for our parish will satisfy this required service.
  2. Independent service–students must do service for the community, their school or a neighbor.