School Advisory Board

By its nature, the board is advisory. It is accountable to the Pastor and to the Principal in its operation. It agrees to follow the policies and administrative procedures of the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Office of Catholic Schools. Members agree that they will use their talents, gifts and insights for the common good of the community to promote the mission and goals of Catholic education. They defer their personal agendas in order to discern with other members the issues, concerns and challenges they face in meeting the educational needs of the students.


  • Reverend James Hyland, Pastor
  • Nancy Harmening, Principal
  • Melissa Small, President
  • Laura Dombro, Marketing and Finance
  • Jennifer Busk, Marketing
  • Marty Mangin, Finance
  • Matt Maloney, Finance
  • Tim O’Connor, Fundraising
  • Kelly Reidy, Fundraising
  • Dawn O’Connor, Mission Effectiveness
  • Anne McGinnis, Mission Effectiveness

The SAB has created an email account.  If you have any suggestions, concerns, or would like to share your talents, please contact us at


Bylaws for our School Advisory Board can be viewed here.

Event Planning

Planning an event at MHR school couldn’t be easier! Please use this event request form to submit your event for approval to the School Advisory Board. Please note: no school event can be hosted without the submission and approval of this form.

Meeting Minutes

The School Advisory Board approves and publishes minutes from its meetings. Please click here to view them.

Protocol for Visitors

School Advisory Board meetings, other than those held in executive session, are open to the public. Meetings are generally held on the first Tuesday of the month, begin at 6:30 p.m. and are held in the Rectory basement; check the monthly calendar for the most current information. A particular time is stipulated on agendas to allow visitors to address the board. It is understood that the issues raised will not be handled at the meeting. If appropriate to the parameters of the board’s responsibilities, the issue may be addressed at a future time. Ordinarily, the visitor’s comments are related to the matters considered on the agenda. Personnel issues and individual family or student’s needs are not discussed. Questions of a general nature, however, could be referred to the appropriate person (e.g. Pastor or Principal).

  • Visitors observe the board while it is in session. They do not engage in the discussions nor do they actively participate in the agenda either through comments or by offering their opinions on the topic being discussed.
  • Once the visitor is recognized (as stipulated on the agenda), the visitor has the opportunity to express an opinion on the matter of concern. Each individual may speak for 2-3 minutes on matters that concern the advisory board.
  • There is no discussion or debate between the visitors and members.
  • All members listen to the visitors. If necessary, either the president or someone designated by the president can assist in clarifying the question or topic.
  • The president thanks the visitors for their comments and informs them that someone will get back to them within a specified amount of time.

Melissa Small

Board President

My husband Don and I have lived in the parish for the past six years. Our two children, Adam who is in 6th grade and Ellie who is in Kindergarten attend school at MHR. This is my third year working with the MHR SAB.

Jennifer Busk, '89


My husband James and I have twin daughters, Maddie, who is entering 6th grade at MHR, and Abby who has special needs and attends Central Middle School. We have lived in the parish for the past 18 years. I have served on the SAB for 3 years.


Laura Dombro, 83


I have lived in the parish my entire life and I am a proud alumna. My daughter Rylee is a 6th grader at MHR. This is my second year on the School Advisory Board and I look forward to working hard to support our school, students, and families of MHR!

Matt Maloney


I’ve been a parishioner for over 13 years. My wife Colleen and I have chosen MHR as the school for our four children. Our two older kids graduated from MHR and we have an 8th grader and 5th grader. This is my third year volunteering for the School Advisory Board.

Annie McGinnis

Mission Effectiveness

My husband and I have lived in the parish for two years now. We have three kids, Brendan who is six and going into first grade at MHR, Ryan who is three, and Tessa who is one. This is my first year on the SAB, and I am excited to dive in.