2018-19 Raider Raffle Winners

  • October: Colleen Mroz, $1,000
  • November: Tom Ruane, $1,500
  • December: Jenn Hynes, $2,000
  • January: Maurine Cody, $2,500
  • February: Rev. James Hyland, $3,000
  • March: Katie Kerlin, $3,500
  • April: McClorey Family, $4,000
  • May, $5,000 (plus 50% of oversell), could be YOU

Church sales will take place the weekend before the next drawing after all masses. Our FINAL drawing is scheduled for Friday, May 24, with $5,000 going to a single winner!

Be sure to get your tickets in, you don’t want to miss out. You may purchase tickets from any MHR School parent!

Questions? Please click here.