Dear MHR Families,

Our new hot lunch program is off to a great start! The students are loving the variety of new menu choices and the food is getting rave reviews. Most of the students who have ordered are happy members of the Clean Plate Club! Thank you for supporting this new endeavor. 

Lunchroom routines are well established in grades 1-8. Most students come in, get their hot lunch/milk, find their seat, and eat their lunch. Our kindergarten friends are learning quickly and watch the big kids closely to learn the routine. 

We do notice that there is a lot of wasted food from the lunches brought from home. Many students are simply bringing too much food and a great deal of it is ending up in the garbage. We encourage the kids to bring home what they don’t like or can’t finish…however, when you see an empty lunch box coming home, don’t assume that your child finished everything that was packed for them. For many of our kids, a half sandwich is plenty; perhaps just the rolled up meat and cheese without the bread is a better choice for some. 

We have noticed that most students will eat the dessert items first. Whole pieces of fruit are seldom finished or even started.  Some of our little ones have too many things to choose from in their lunches, and end up spending more time deciding what to eat than actually eating!   

Please take time to talk with your child about what they are eating and what they would like to eat for lunch. When kids participate in the process of making their lunches, they are much more likely to eat and enjoy their meal. Thank you!