June 13, 2019

Dear Parents,


Here we are! In the blink of an eye we have graduated another class, watched our Preschoolers mature into Kindergarteners, cried over much loss and celebrated so much! On behalf of our entire staff we all wish you a restful, safe summer. We look forward to returning to you in August re-energized and ready for new adventures!


  • Thank you to Holly Schwider, you have made an amazing musical impact on MHR. Your amazing musical energy will be missed.
  • Thank you to Jen Michon, thank you for all you’ve done for the students and staff of MHR, your tender loving nature will be greatly missed.
  • Thank you to Marge Kohn, thank you for so many years of service! The community appreciates your devotion to MHR.
  • Thank you to Gina Pakalka, there are no words, you will be missed.


  • Preschool: Jen O’Leary
  • Preschool: Kellie-Jo Angone and ?
  • Kindergarten: Bridget Fanelli and Colleen Mroz
  • First Grade: Karen Schwer and Brigid Bullington
  • Second Grade: Geri Tilkes
  • Third Grade: Joanne Beyer
  • Fourth Grade: Norah O’Malley and Chris Sarhage
  • Fifth Grade: Bronwyn Azzarello and Jen Clancy
  • Sixth Grade: Megan Mattia and Kristy Condon
  • Seventh Grade: Kelly Malinger and Nancy Cagney
  • Eighth Grade: Maureen Donahue and Lauren Provenzano
  • Music: ?
  • Art: Doug Klauba
  • PE: Suze McDonough
  • Technology: Jackie Filippone  
  • Learning Behavior Specialist: Maggie Scannell
  • School Counselor: ?
  • Interventionist / Assistant Principal: Sue Duffy
  • Administrative Assistants: Margaret Schultz, Nancy Carlson, Terese Enright
  • Aides: Becca Presicke, Abby Butkus, Eileen Novick, Megan Johanet


  • Welcome to our new board members, Anne McGinnis and Dawn O’Connor. Together they will head up the Mission Effectiveness Committee. Their roles include serving as SAB liaisons to the Parents Club, Parent Ambassadors, Uniform Committee, and Parent Education Committee.
  • We are grateful for the service of Mary Doyle to the School Advisory Board. Her commitment to Most Holy Redeemer is admirable. It is because of parents like Mary that we are able to accomplish great things! Thank you again to Mary for serving as such a great example of partnership for parents and students. We appreciate the many years you have spent here and the time you have devoted to MHR. I’m sure we will see you around!
  • We also appreciate the short time Matt Witt served on the School Advisory Board. I’m sure we will be seeing Matt around in a different capacity.  Thank you Matt for your honesty and your service.


  • Last month, I sent out a letter explaining the new Illinois State Board of Education and the Office of Catholic Schools policy regarding mandatory athletic physicals. Please read through and be sure you understand the content.
  • Starting in the 2019-2020 school year, any student choosing to play sports must complete a physical every year.
  • Any student playing sports this fall must have an updated physical on file by August 1.  


  • All grades will be using IReady next year. Teachers will be receiving professional development to learn about the program. IReady will replace MAP testing.
  • Several teachers are returning to ThinkCERCA workshops this summer to further their learning about this combination of teacher taught and online, cross-curricular writing program.
  • Our Preschool teachers will be adding to their program and doing some redesign. They will be working together to get to know each other over the summer and will be ready as a strong team come August.
  • Our 1st grade team will be designing and working towards a fresh look at teaching literacy.
  • Mrs. Tilkes is going to spend her time learning the 2nd grade curriculum. Mrs. P has generously promised to stay close by for any questions!
  • Mrs. Beyer will be taking a closer look at reading comprehension and reading conferences.
  • Our 4th grade team is back together again! Mrs. Sarhage and Mrs. O’Malley will take time to get back into the swing of things. They are already cooking up new instructional strategies to kick off the year in August.
  • Next year, 5th grade will have Chromebooks for the first time! Mrs. Azzarello and Mrs. Clancy will spend the summer planning meaningful learning activities that integrate technology.
  • Mrs. Condon will continue to learn more about ThinkCERCA and how to best use the new SONICVIEW screen (new generation of interactive boards).
  • Ms. Mattia will be continuing her ThinkCERCA workshops, and will assist Mrs. Condon with her new Sonic View screen and work on new strategies to keep our Middle school students reading at their own level.   
  • Mrs. Malinger is continuing to work towards more project based learning.
  • Ms. Cagney will make decisions on how to incorporate new strategies of Religion instruction into the students everyday schedule.   
  • Ms. Provenzano is very excited about the new science equipment/kits we received at the end of this year. She will be working in her room this summer cleaning out the old and organizing the new! She will also be learning how to incorporate the new SonicView board into her daily instruction.
  • Mrs. Donahue will be spending lots of time with her granddaughter and her new grandson but also she is going to work on plenty of planning for the upcoming year.
  • Both Mrs. Donahue and Ms. Cagney will be taking online courses to better their use of Google classrooms.
  • Ms. Scannell and Mrs. Duffy will be working on plans and schedules to meet the special needs of particular students.


All of our students in grades 5-7 will own Chromebooks next year! Teachers are working to find the best balance of embedding technology into their lessons while still maintaining teacher contact. We consider the Chromebooks to be a tool or resource, just like textbooks, pencils, reference guides, binders and poster boards!


Mr. Tim O’Connell and his summer crew will be taking over our school this summer.  There are many, many hours of work that need to be completed while our students are away. If you see our maintenance staff this summer, please thank them for all that they do to help our school and our parish thrive!  

ENROLLMENT: Can you help?

  • We are closing the year with 353 students at MHR. As of today, we only have 332 students enrolled for next year. We are hoping to open with at least 340 students in the fall.
  • We still have openings in the PreK program, both full day and half day options.
  • Do you know anyone that is thinking about MHR? Do you know anyone that has talked about MHR School? Let families know that we can help with financial assistance and pass along their information to me!
  • We need to all work together, we can do it! 
  • Our rate of losing students is moving slower then the overall rate of the Archdiocese however, it is falling. The budget becomes much more complicated and keeping tuition down is becoming a challenge. The more students we enroll, the healthier our budget!



  • Please do your part to bring new faces to MHR. YOU are our greatest marketing tool. Together we can accomplish so much!
  • Speak positively about MHR, especially when you are in public.  
  • Invite neighbors to parish and school functions. There are so many that have NEVER been in our school.
  • Connect with and follow us on social media. We operate Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.
  • SHARE ALL of our social media and do not engage in the occasional negativity.  
  • Share content from our Weekly News updates with friends and neighbors.
  • Stay involved, whatever that looks like for you. Find a comfortable place to give of your time and talents.


  • June: Tuesday-Thursday 9 a.m. – Noon
  • July: CLOSED
  • Starting August 6th: Tuesday – Thursday 9 a.m. – Noon
  • Starting August 19th: 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

You can always leave voice messages and send emails. During the month of July, we will have limited access to our voice messages and email. Please contact the rectory if you have any immediate concerns.


  • Monday – Friday: 9 a.m.- 8 p.m.
  • Saturday: 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.
  • Sunday: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.


Though school is no longer in session, there are still plenty of ways to offer financial support to MHR this summer!

  • Great Lakes (formerly known as GECKO) will hold sales this summer in the rectory office. They have a modified summer schedule, so please check and plan your purchases accordingly. These sales allow you to purchase gift cards at face value–but you and the school get a rebate!
  • Join us at the Oak Lawn Portillo’s on June 18th to help raise money through the Eat and Earn program. The flyer attached here helps donate 20% of your purchase back to our school.
  • Shop with Amazon Smile! As you make your everyday Amazon purchases this year, please consider using Amazon Smile to help raise money for Most Holy Redeemer. A portion of each purchase made on Amazon Smile goes towards a charity of your choice! Make your charity MHR Parish so that you can fundraise while doing your regular shopping.
  • DONATE NOW! Perhaps you have an employer or relative looking to make a charitable donation this summer. Encourage them to choose MHR! We are always accepting donations made in person and online here.


Bronwyn Azzarello is our teacher of the month! Bronwyn is very often the energy behind activities that happen beyond academics. Bronwyn has a keen eye for helping to make MHR not only a place for learning, but a place to call home. She always suggests and finds new ideas to keep our staff energized! It is because of Bronwyn that we celebrate, National Hamburger Day, Taco Tuesdays, organize our Halloween costumes, just to name a few. In her classroom, Bronwyn is always looking for new and inventive ways to motivate her students. Bronwyn takes pride in creating a classroom that accommodates many different learning needs. My week is never complete without Mrs. Azzarello coming to me to say, “Look what I found, we should do this!” I feel so lucky to have Bronwyn on our MHR staff!


We will still publish weekly news updates over the summer. Though you may be away or not checking regularly, please keep an eye out for these emails on Thursday afternoons. If your email address changes or you’d like to add another one, please update your subscription settings.


  • The annual parish Carnival is one of our biggest fundraisers. This year, it runs from June 12 – 16. It is a wonderful way to get out of the house while supporting our parish for a few hours. I hope that each of our families find a few nights to attend with friends and loved ones.
  • Consider playing the newest carnival game: the Last Queen Standing. It’s sure to be a great deal of fun while also helping to raise money for the parish. Who knows, maybe you’ll reveal the last queen and take home the pot!
  • Volunteering to help at the Carnival is a great way to give back. Adult volunteers can register here. The Carnival cannot happen without generous volunteers. Parents can volunteer to sell pull tabs in the beer garden, sell drink and ride tickets, and supervise pop and water sales just to name a few! Please consider volunteering for a shift or two to help out.
  • Our 7th and 8th grade students can volunteer here to distribute pop and water at the carnival. These volunteer opportunities satisfy service hour requirements for our students and help establish a foundation of service to our parish.


Dear Parents,

It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you all that I will not be returning to MHR next school year. I have accepted a position at St Albert the Great School in Burbank.

I am so incredibly thankful for my years here at MHR and all the wonderful experiences with these fantastic kids. I have been blessed by my four years here and have so many wonderful memories.

Thank you for supporting music and the arts with your children and please continue to encourage the arts. I will be praying that you find an amazing music teacher who will continue to uplift the arts and help the children of MHR thrive.

God Bless,

Mrs. Schwider


To the Wonderful Parents and Students of Most Holy Redeemer,

It has been a pleasure to have been working with such enjoyable children, over the last 3 years.  I have had a difficult year and have been extremely conflicted in making the decision to not return to MHR next year. While at MHR, I really worked with the students and considered them as if they were my own children.

I will miss them all dearly and I hope to not say Goodbye, but I’ll see you soon. I hope that our paths will meet again. Until then I am grateful to have had the opportunity to do what I am so passionate about and to have worked with such great kids and families at MHR.

Thank you and I hope you all have a wonderful summer,

Mrs. Jennifer Michon

Best wishes to all of you for a safe and happy summer. See you around.



Mrs. Nancy Harmening

Proud Principal

Most Holy Redeemer School