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/The Office of the Principal

A Letter From the Principal: New Tuition Management

July 2, 2019 Dear Parents, The operation of Most Holy Redeemer Catholic School (MHR) is primarily tuition driven; therefore, parental commitments to tuition and fee obligations are critical to the school’s continued operation and vitality. Tuition and fees at MHR are examined and determined annually by school administration, the School Advisory Board and the Office [...]

Information about FACTS Tuition Management

Most Holy Redeemer School is transitioning to FACTS Tuition Management for all tuition payments in the 2019-2020 school year. FACTS provides flexible payment plan options to families at private and faith-based schools. Families can budget their tuition, making private school more accessible and affordable. The process is simple, convenient, and secure. Each Most Holy Redeemer [...]

Honeywell Instant Alert Instructions

The following instruction can be downloaded as a PDF document and printed separately using the link at the bottom of this page. Honeywell Instant Alert for Schools - Parent User Interface Website URL: Minimum Requirements - Register and create your account 1.  Go to the Honeywell Instant Alert for Schools website listed above. 2.  If you are [...]

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Updated Student Absence Procedures

Dear Parent/Guardians: In effort to make sure our students are safe and accounted for, a parent/guardian must either call the school office (708-422-8280) or email the school office ( before 9am on the day of a student’s absence. Voicemail messages are acceptable. (Voicemail and email messages should include child’s name, room number, date of absence(s) and reason.) As long [...]

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