September 28, 2019

Hello Parents,  

Last month I wrote: 

Our tuition only covers 80% of our budget.  The other 20% is coming from fundraising and donations.  Every year it becomes increasingly difficult to meet the 20%.  We do our best to not tap our parents for the 20% by having fundraisers.  This year there are about 180 families enjoying a Catholic education at MHR. Our budget is almost $2,000,000/year.  If each and every student paid about $5900 we would match our budget, with no extras, no frills…just doing what it takes to pay the bills.  As you know, each and every child does not pay that much tuition. Here are some suggestions on how you can help to decrease our deficits.  

This month I want to clarify: 

I inadvertently left out one of our most important sources of revenue, the parish! About 20% of the tuition comes from fundraising and donations.  In fact, 1/2 of that 20% or 10% comes from a direct subsidy from the parish. However, the subsidy we receive from the parish funds are coming from the parish savings account because the Sunday collection does not cover the cost of running a church and subsidising school.   

Also, there are a handful of families that receive a limited amount of financial assistance from the Arch, but that money goes directly to tuition costs, it is not extra money.  It is important to realize, we do not receive any funds for our operating budget from the Archdiocese of Chicago, Office of Catholic Schools. So what does the Office of Catholic Schools do for us?  

    • Recognition we need to be considered a Catholic school in the state of Illinois.
    • Offer training and professional development for teachers and principals.
    • Set the goals and standards for all schools in the Archdiocese. 
    • Approve budgets 
    • Offer legal advice or assistance if necessary. 
    • Offer the services of all of their staff to support our Early Childhood education, Social Emotional Learning, Curriculum planning, Marketing, Special Services, Fundraising and of course, Catholic Identity. 
    • They have limited funds to assist some families with tuition. 

I hope this helps to clarify some of the misinformation about our funding that may be floating around. Please contact me or Business Manager, Mrs. Rosemary Dempsey if you have any other questions about our budget.  


  • Raider Run was a HUGE success this year. Thank you to MaryKate Cook and her entire committee for a massive job well done! 
  • Thank you to the parents that came to school the day of Mrs. Spokas’ funeral.  With your help we were able to attend our friend’s service and participate. 
  • Thank you to Parents Club for the treats during lunch.  That was a welcome surprise for the kids! 
  • Thank you to the ladies running our Wee Raiders program on Fridays. We are off to a great start! 
  • Thank you to the sixth graders that came out on Sept. 20th to help with our visitors.  We really appreciate the time you gave us on your day off. 
  • Thank you to Mr. Chesley for helping to shovel and move all the sand for our playlot! 


Don’t forget, Parent Teacher conferences are coming up on October 11th. We value and count on our partnership with parents. Be sure you ask questions and listen carefully to your children’s teachers. Together we can help our children be the best they can be! 


The School Advisory Board (SAB) has a form for you to complete when you organize and event/activity.  There are many reasons to complete this form. Here are a few: 

  1. Everyone will know you have been given permission to run the event
  2. Everyone will know who is managing the event (contact person, who is in charge) 
  3. It helps protect everyone from the misuse of money
  4. Provides a history for the next person(s) to run the event and a history of the success of the events.  


Just a reminder, disposable bottles do not leave the lunch room. If your child needs water during the day, they should bring in a reusable water bottle. Teachers will set expectations within their classroom.  


IReady is the online diagnostic formative testing program. We were using NWEA/MAPS but the Office of Catholic Schools was able to cut a deal with IReady that we could not refuse. Along with the diagnostic, we were given the opportunity to try their online lessons that are assigned to each student following the test. We are excited to use the data from these tests to inform our instruction.   


Have you checked our wish list lately?

  • We could still use financial assistance with the play lot, feel free to send a donation to the school marked, PLAY LOT donation. 
  • We are hoping to buy at least one more Science Kit for the Middle School this year.  Would you like to help? 


This year we were able to assist many families with tuition. Using the Tax Scholarship Empower Illinois, Phoenix Scholarships from the Archdiocese, MHR Franzen Funds and a couple of outside organizations, over 30 students are receiving a total of about $50,000 in financial assistance. We are grateful to have access to these resources and secure the enrollment of so many children.  


Have a wonderful weekend, 

Mrs. H

Mrs. Nancy Harmening

Proud Principal

Most Holy Redeemer School