September 28, 2019

Hello Parents,  

As we have quickly slipped into Fall it a great time to remind everyone to watch the weather. Students will be going out for recess and many students are here waiting to come in before the morning bell. It is time to dig out our warm coats, sweaters, hoodies and hats as we prepare for cooler temperatures. 

If you missed the Parent Education Committee presentation this month, it was a good one! A few take-aways for you:

    • YOU own your child’s phone. Put it in your bedroom at night and every now and then, search through every app. You don’t know what might be hidden in the app! This is NOT an invasion of privacy it is good parenting.  
    • If you see something, say something!  If you see mean or inappropriate posts or text messages from one child to another or posted by your own child, get involved. 
    • Encourage your children to report inappropriate posts or text messages to an adult. 
    • Allowing someone to use your phone does not exempt you from the liability. The owner of the phone can be held responsible for anything unlawful, even if they did not do it. 
    • Getting into legal trouble can have life-long effects.  



Please activity carefully watch your kids’ phones, even best and brightest make mistakes too.  

Thank You...

  • We are so grateful for the help of Mrs. Winnie Ligda! Mrs. Ligda is a retired school librarian and has volunteered to help us with library updates. We are so grateful for the time she has already given us.  
  • Thank you to the parents that organized and chaperoned the Middle School Halloween Party. 
  • Thank you to the Parent’s Club for a yummy treat on our collaborative plan day! 
  • Thank you to Parent’s Club for bringing in the treats and coffee for Coffee with the Principal.
  • Thank you to the parents that attended Coffee with the Principal.  If you were unable to attend, my door is always open. Feel free to come by and share your concerns and your celebrations with me at anytime. 
  • Thank you to Mrs. Beyer for organizing our annual Living Rosary. It was beautiful and very prayerful. 
  • Thank you to the many chaperones that accompanied all of our recent field trips.  We couldn’t do it without you!
  • Thank you to the Parent Education Committee (PEC) for organizing a great presentation about the difficult truths of Social Media.   
  • Thank you to our Fall Athletic Coaches for great seasons. Our students have learned so much on and off the field/court in just a few short months. We’re excited for winter sports to get underway in a few weeks.
  • Thank you to our friend, Drew Brees, for wishing the MHR Football Teams good luck last weekend. What a way to unite our community in support!

HELP!! We Need a Reading Specialist

We are looking for a part-time Reading Specialist!  If you know of anyone that might be interested, please have them contact me at or look on Applitrack for an application. 

Marketing, Web, and Social Media

Many of you know Eleanore Menke as an MHR, Mother McAuley, and two-time St. Xavier University graduate. This year, she started a career in the Mount Carmel High School Marketing Department. 

At MHR, Ellie worked in the rectory answering phones and taking care of daily business. As her marketing skills grew, so did her responsibilities at MHR. Ellie has worked with both the School and Parish to develop brochures, update webpages, create and maintain all of our social media space, and create our guides for the use of our logos. We are grateful that Ellie continues to do so much in partnership with the SAB and all of MHR during her nights and weekends. Remember to contact her if you have a marketing or design need here at MHR. Ellie is always willing to find time to help us out. Keep up the good work Ellie!  

New Staff

  • We hired a new Preschool aide, Megan Majka.  Megan will work in the afternoons as an aide to Mrs. O’Leary. Welcome Megan!  
  • You may see Nate Landis around the library or gym. Nate comes to us from the Sertoma Centre. The Sertoma Centre helps find jobs for young adults with special needs. Nate, a resident of Evergreen Park, started with us last year and did amazing work in our library. We look forward to working with Nate and his job coach again this year.  

Safe  |  Responsible  |  Respectful  |  Faith Centered

These four pillars are the foundation of all of our positive climate. Teachers have been working to create a common understanding of each pillar. We are teaching students to recognize their positive behaviors in relationship to these pillars. This work will continue to foster consistency throughout the building.  

Raider Rewards Prizes 

It’s not too late to send something to the Raider Reward Box. Our older students prefer things like $5 gift cards to Target, Dunkin Donuts, Walgreens, or other food places, or sports paraphernalia. Our younger students like toys, games or crafts. Our prize box is filled with a variety of items and it changes all the time. Today it has a couple of nylon backpacks, ND water bottles, bubbles, crafts, cards, gift cards and out-of-uniform passes to name a few. We take donations all year. If each family sends one item we will have plenty! 

Raider Raffle

When is the last time you bought a Raider Raffle ticket?  Remember the more you buy the better your chances! All MHR School families are obligated to buy $300 in tickets. If you have rolled that cost into your tuition, fill out the ticket stubs and return them tomorrow! If you need more or would like to sell more to friends and family, contact the office. We can always send you more!  This is a fundraiser for the school’s budget, we count on this money to help meet our needs.  

Congratulations to the October winner, The Macellaio Family. Our next drawing is on November 22, get your tickets in by the November 2o in order to be eligible for the drawing. 


Powerschool is our live gradebook. Have you ever signed on to PowerSchool? Have your kids ever signed on? You can watch your child’s grades in real time. Teachers will update grades no later than a week after receiving work. Check this week’s Thursday Blast for more information. 

Where can I find that Information?  

Need more information about what is happening at school? Check our Google Classrooms, explore our MHR website, look at the calendar or double check our Year at a Glance calendar. Consider connecting with us on social media too! There is always great new information being posted. Remember that our news is pushed to your inbox each Thursday, but the news always lives on the MHR site beyond that email. Click the news button if you need to backtrack to find information if you think you’ve deleted it form your inbox.

Honeywell Alert System

Are you signed on yet? We automatically put everyone’s phone in this system, but you must sign-in to receive text messages. You don’t know what you’re missing. We will attach the information/directions in this week’s Thursday blast.  

Wish List

Teachers are creating wish lists too! Keep an eye on their classroom pages or our website for a complete list.  This is a great way to make a donation to the school in a very specific way. Ask me or your teachers for more information. 

Read the entire list, there are a wide variety of expenses that we need your support to cover. 

  • Central Air-conditioning 
  • Remove all asbestos tiles from the building 
  • New Roof
  • Pay full tuition for all your children (not the multi-child discount rate)  
  • Employer matching-gift (check with your HR department) 
  • Request donations from grandparents, other family members or friends   
  • Estate planning, leave MHR in your will 
  • End-of-year tax deductible donations to the school 
  • Contribute to the Franzen Fund 
  • Contribute to the Tax Scholarship Fund
  • New rubber mulch for the Preschool play area  $2000 STILL TAKING DONATIONS 
  • New outdoor equipment for the Preschool play area STILL TAKING DONATIONS
  • iPad or chromebook (ask Mrs. Filippone for more information) 
  • Science kits for Kindergarten   $1000/each (we need 3 kits) NEED NOW!
  • Science kits for 6th,7th,8th grades $2000/each (we need 5 more) NEED NOW!
  • White Boards to replace chalkboards in classrooms 
  • ViewSonic to replace Smart/Promethean boards  $3500/each
  • Huge Snow-blowers (contact Mr. Tim for more information)  
  • Raider Reward gifts ($5 value)
  • Remodel the teachers lounge and bathrooms 
  • Electronic key entry system 
  • New leveled readers for classroom libraries 

Happy November! 

Mrs. Harmening 

Your Proud Principal! 

Mrs. Nancy Harmening

Proud Principal

Most Holy Redeemer School