Archdiocesan schools admit students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students in these schools. Archdiocesan schools do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, or national and ethnic origin in administration of educational policies, loan programs, athletic or other school-administered programs.

  • Non-Catholic students may be admitted to the school provided that these students do not displace Catholic students and that both students and parents/guardians clearly understand that participation in Catholic religious instruction and school activities related to the Catholic character of the school is required. The tuition and fee schedule for non-parishioners will be based on the current tuition rate plus the approximate value of the per child subsidy offered to parishioners.
  • Children afflicted with HIV will be allowed to attend school in an unrestricted setting. Persons involved in the care and education of the HIV infected child should respect the child’s right to privacy, including maintaining confidential records. The number of personnel that are aware of the child’s condition should be kept at a minimum needed to assure proper care of the child and to detect situations where the potential for transmission may increase.
  • A child must be three (PK3) or four (PK4) years old on or before September 1 to enter Pre-School. A child must be five years old on or before September 1 to enter Kindergarten; six years old on or before September 1 to enter First Grade at Most Holy Redeemer School.
  • Transfer of student’s previous records must be on file prior to grade placement. In the case of delayed records, it may be necessary for testing and/or assessment of the student to be completed prior to grade placement. In this event, the parent/guardian of the transfer student may be held responsible for payment of a reasonable testing/assessment fee.
  • To register new school families the following is required: completion of school registration forms, a copy of the student’s report cards, a copy of standardized test scores, and a non-refundable Registration Fee.

Children entering school for the first time must present the following:

  1. An official copy of the child’s birth certificate which is reviewed, copied and returned to the parent/guardian
  2. The baptismal record (if applicable); and
  3. A record of compliance with local and State of Illinois health requirements.

Some additional considerations follow:

  1. Children placed on a waiting list will be called if an opening becomes available, following admission policy priority.
  2. Most Holy Redeemer School may require interviews with families and students to determine special needs.
  3. In the case of transfer students, Most Holy Redeemer School reserves the right to inspect former school records before admission. The school reserves the right to deny admittance based on what is known about the applicant after a review of required documents and/or interview(s).
  4. Transfer students are expected to be in good academic and behavioral standing and owe no debts to the previously attended school. As a general rule, transfer students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades will not be admitted after the school year has commenced. Rare exceptions (e.g. a family moving into the parish) may be made, depending on circumstances.
  5. Most Holy Redeemer School endeavors to educate all students within the limits of our school’s educational programs; however, we do not receive funding for special education programs. Therefore, we are not in a position to educate everyone. Students with special needs that cannot be met by existing programs will not be accepted for admission or re-admission.
  6. Failure to cooperate fully with Most Holy Redeemer School and abide by its policies may lead to removal or non-registration of the student.

Missing Children Records Act (325 ILCS 50/)

For every child enrolled in a Catholic elementary school in the Archdiocese of Chicago, a written notice must be given to the person enrolling the child that within 30 days, he or she must provide either: (1) a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate or (2) other reliable proof, as determined by the Illinois Department of State Police of the child’s identity and age and an affidavit explaining the inability to produce a copy of the birth certificate. Other reliable proof of the child’s identity and age shall include a passport, visa or other governmental documentation of the child’s identity. When the person enrolling the child provides the school with a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate, the school shall promptly make a copy of the certified copy for its records and return the original certified copy to the person enrolling the child. Once the school has been provided with a certified copy of a child’s birth certificate as required, the school need not request another such certified copy with respect to that child for any other year in which the child is enrolled in the school.

  • Failure to Produce Birth Certificate or Other Reliable Proof Upon failure of a person enrolling a child to comply with the required birth certificate or other reliable, acceptable proof, the school shall immediately notify the Illinois Department of State Police (IDSP) or the local law enforcement agency of such failure, and shall notify the person enrolling the child in writing that he or she has 10 additional days to comply. The school shall immediately report to the Illinois Department of State Police (IDSP) any affidavit received pursuant to the inability to produce a copy of the birth certificate that appears inaccurate or suspicious in form or content.
  • Enrolling Transfer Students
    Within 14 days after enrolling a transfer student, the elementary or secondary school shall request directly from the student’s previous school a certified copy of his/her record. The requesting school shall exercise due diligence in obtaining the copy of the record requested. Any elementary or secondary school requested to forward a copy of a transferring student’s record to the new school shall comply within 10 days of receipt of the request unless the record has been flagged, in which case the copy shall not be forwarded and the requested school shall notify the Illinois Department of State Police or local law enforcement authority of the request.