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Hello and welcome to Most Holy Redeemer School!

Thank you for taking a moment to visit our website. As the Proud Principal of MHR I would love to walk you through our building via this letter. You will soon agree that MHR is a school built on the Catholic tradition, love and the teachings of Christ.

We are located in the Southwest corner of beautiful Evergreen Park. In the early 1940’s we were the first Catholic church erected in the area. Even then, developing a facility to house a great Catholic school was a top priority; the church we know today was not constructed until 1960.

As you enter the building you will notice an unusual main entry off of Millard Ave. This joins the two buildings that make up the school. When MHR was first constructed it only took a few years before an expansion was necessary to house the 800 students and the good Sisters of the Holy Cross. Our entry reflects the intersection of those two buildings.

Up the stairs you will find a warm and welcoming office staff with years of MHR experience waiting to guide or help you with any questions you have about the school. Often they know more than me!

In the halls you will see happy students moving about as they hustle to get to the music room, the gym, the art studio, the computer lab, the library and for some, a Spanish class. You may even catch them on their way to church.

All of our students attend mass at least once a week together with their class. We encourage all of our families to attend weekly Sunday mass and a monthly Sunday Family masscelebrated by parish students. All the sacraments are embedded in our curriculum and celebrated together with our Religious Education program. All of our teachers have a strong commitment to the Catholic Faith and are certified catechists or working toward that certification.

If you peek inside the classrooms you will find engaged students from Preschool to 8th grade with caring teachers that a hold an Illinois Teaching License and many with a higher-education degree. They are constantly working hard to integrate the Illinois State Standards in their differentiated classrooms. It is our goal to meet the needs of EVERY student’s individual and unique gifts.

To aid in that endeavor you may see our Learning Behavior Specialist or School Counselor moving in and out of classrooms too. With their guidance we can better communicate with parents and teachers the strategies and nuances needed to support students throughout the day. While we are not a school equipped with the resources for students with significant special needs we can meet a variety of needs of our students.

We are so excited that our technology plan has us scheduled to be one-to-one technology in just a few more years. In the meantime, students have access to, IPads, the computer lab with 30 Macs and every teacher has a Promethean or Smartboard in their classroom to use in conjunction with their laptop o IPad. Our technology is always changing here at MHR!

Most importantly, our students and their parents are awesome! If you are here for more than a few minutes you will see parents! Our parents are among the finest in the area and the secret to our success! With their help and cooperation, we are able to move mountains with just a phone call. They volunteer their time and talents in a way that suits their schedules and availability. Everyone does their part.

Our students are enthusiastic and committed. To be a student of MHR is to be part of the Raider Nation! The students enjoy many of the sports we offer through the Athletic Board Association. If athletics do not interest your child or perhaps your child likes to do it all, band, choir and after school clubs are available too.

Please call our office to set up an appointment to visit with me and tour our school!

Looking forward to meeting you soon!


Mrs. Nancy Harmening

The Proud Principal of
Most Holy Redeemer School